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  • Digital accessibility is a fundamental human right.
  • Access all digital assets by in accordance with the law requirements
  • Using the innovative tool for managing accessibility in one place

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About Us

Accessability for All, as part of Group 107, goes beyond standard accessibility solutions. We provide a comprehensive accessibility experience that invites everyone to participate in the digital age advancement.

We believe that digital accessibility breaks down barriers, closes gaps, and opens doors to new opportunities. This belief drives us to create personalized accessibility solutions that empower everyone to achieve their full potential.

Why us?

Uncompromising professionalism and quality

We believe in thorough and accurate work

Commitment to creating a more accessible world

Accessibility is not just a technical issue, but a moral obligation

Innovation leading to efficiency

Each of our solutions was born from thinking about the comfort and efficiency of the end user

The four main advantages of using accessibility solutions:

Expanding Market Potential

The combination of accessibility solutions allows you to reach the 25% of users who cannot browse the site without accessibility and thus expand your access to a wider market.

Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions

We offer a wide range of accessibility solutions. Our platform answers all your accessibility requirements, in a convenient and efficient way

Professional Training And Support

Each customer receives a personal customer manager, who accompanies them through the entire process. From start to finish, we are here to guide, support and assist with any question or need

Compliance With Regulation

We are committed to ensuring that all our accessibility solutions meet the highest standards, while focusing on future trends in the field, so that you are always one step ahead

Accessibility solutions

Digital Accessibility: Websites And Mobile

Out of a commitment to digital equality, we remove barriers and enable full access to your digital assets for each user, from people with visual impairments or the blind, through those dealing with ADHD, cognitive or motor disorders to people with epilepsy and more.

Enhanced site accessibility includes: full keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, proper title hierarchy and alt texts for images, accessible alternatives for inaccessible components, structured navigation areas, WAI-ARIA integration, corrected tabular structures, and hidden texts for clarity.

We ensure digital accessibility for all organizations, adhering to W3C standards (levels A, AA, or AAA). Each project concludes with an official accessibility certificate, demonstrating our commitment to quality. A detailed accessibility statement for the website enhances awareness and enriches the digital experience for all users.

Accessibility Testing And Automation

We ensure your websites and applications comply with W3C and WCAG 2.1 guidelines through a collaborative approach involving all organizational teams.

Our comprehensive testing includes assisting teams with accessibility regulations, performing manual and automated tests, evaluating UI and application behavior, tagging non-text content, generating gap reports, and conducting multiple site inspections for expert approval.


  • Examination and Diagnosis:
    Thorough inspection to identify accessibility needs.
  • Report:
    Detailed report with improvement recommendations and action plan.
  • Implementation:
    Gradual accessibility improvements across all website/app areas.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    Ensuring ongoing adherence to accessibility standards.

Training And Placement Of Employees On Accessibility

Cooperating with us will benefit your organization by:

  • Perfect Fit:
    Providing specialized training for your employees in the latest accessibility solutions and regulatory requirements, ensuring compatibility with your digital assets.
  • Full Support:
    Offering comprehensive support throughout training and placement, leveraging our years of experience to guarantee high service levels and success.
  • Independence from External Services:
    Developing internal experts to reduce reliance on external providers, enhancing your organization's ability to quickly adapt to changes and new requirements.
By partnering with us, your organization will lead in innovation and accessibility through the recruitment, placement, and training of senior talent in accessibility.

Document Accessibility Tests

Choose us for document accessibility because:

  • Comprehensive Adjustments:
    We ensure every Office and PDF file meets international accessibility standards, guaranteeing access for all users.
  • Attention to Detail:
    Our experts add accessible tags and meticulously enhance document details to improve usability for individuals with physical or cognitive challenges.
  • Targeted Enhancements:
    We define title hierarchies, provide alternative text for images, optimize tables, and ensure screen reader compatibility.
  • Focus on Visually Impaired Users:
    Our commitment to extensive accessibility maximizes usability, particularly for the visually impaired.
  • Clear Objective:
    We aim to make all your documents digitally accessible and provide a comprehensive accessibility statement certifying compliance with international standards.

Why Is Digital Accessibility Important?

  • Minimizing legal risks
    Compliance with the accessibility requirements reduces the risk of dealing with lawsuits and saves high costs of repeated accessibility repairs.
  • Social obligation to accept the other
    Investing in accessibility conveys a commitment to accept the different, strengthens the image of the organization and positions it as an actor for the benefit of the community..
  • Expanding market share
    Digital accessibility opens doors to new audiences, allowing organizations to grow their user base by addressing the needs of the 25% of the population with accessibility challenges.
  • Compliance with international standards
    Accessibility standards are crucial guidelines and legal requirements in both the US and Europe, ensuring digital content accessibility for all users.
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