9 Ways of Unboxing Fintech Opportunities and Potential

December 24, 2020
fintech opportunities and potential

Fintech describes a variety of innovative models and emerging technologies that can transform the financial service industry. With the increasing popularity of fintech and widespread implementation, we expect the emergence of fintech opportunities and the potential to impact the financial sector. Fintech has infiltrated multiple areas in financial services, allowing small enterprises in the financial industry to make use of the newest technologies. As an entrepreneur or business person, you can leverage fintech opportunities and potential to streamline your daily operations. You can take advantage of the offshore fintech services to get fintech software development services suitable for your mobile and website platforms. Maximize fintech potential in your business, by implementing some of the following ideas. 

Fintech Opportunities & Potential

1.Focus on Underserved Groups 

For a long time, finance has existed based on hierarchy serving adequately the upper-class people leaving the lower with sub-par or no services at all. Fintech has enabled democratization by changing this financial theory. Firms can utilize this fintech opportunity to integrate mobile banking technology to serve a wider population. People with low income are often not included in the formal financial system as they lack credit cards but with fintech potential for the low-income earners, things will change for the better. Fintech eliminates excessive fees charged by banks allowing underserved communities to enjoy financial services without feeling robbed by banks. Exploring deep into fintech potential in financial institutions, it can be seen that online banking services are cheaper, faster, and flexible. Organizations can make use of robot-advisors to avail investments to the underserved people. When highlighting fintech opportunities and potential, businesses should not miss out on the significance of the underbanked population.  

2.Fintech Opportunities in Crowdfunding 

By exploiting fintech potential, businesses can pull up resources through crowdfunding.  Small amounts of funds are raised by various people from all over the globe using digital technology. People who need money are linked to those who have money. With crowdfunding, a major fintech opportunity, people with limited or no option to achieve financial returns on savings can access digital investments. In effect, fintech has facilitated the creation of cheaper community-based insurance products. With crowdfunding fintech opportunities and potential in mobile banking, businesses have found a new and effective way of raising money.  

3.Fintech Potential in P2P Lending  

Peer-to-peer lending is growing, as next-gen investors continue to facilitate the swift transition from traditional to the web-based loan acquisition process. The e-commerce industry provides innumerable fintech opportunities opening up peer-to-peer lending to every business.  P2P lending is a new frontier for businesses looking to explore fintech potential in the microfinance industry. Digital lending eliminates the bottlenecks borrowers face when trying to secure loans from banks. Fintech opportunities for P2P lenders and borrowers rely on the technology that bridges loan providers with potential borrowers. By leveraging fintech opportunities, people can easily access business credits in peer-to-peer lending, making the process more convenient and simpler. However, the full fintech potential in this realm of microfinance is yet to be uncovered.  

4. Explore Fintech Opportunities in Microfinancing 

The microfinance industry is a new area to unlock fintech opportunities and potential.  Fintech is gradually revolutionizing microfinance by opening access to big data. Unlocking fintech potential in microfinance offers numerous benefits such as promoting fast processing, providing online status checks for the application, linking borrowers and lenders, and providing a mobile application for microfinancing. With microfinancing mobile software, the loan acquisition process has been made easy and fast. Borrowers can fill the forms from anywhere and receive their funds easily and on time. Fintech software development has given birth to platforms, which allow loan applicants to monitor online the performance of the loan process. 

5. Small Business Accounting 

Small Business Accounting in Fintech

Fintech provides small businesses with numerous finance-related solutions. Utilizing fintech opportunities and potential in small business accounting provides flawless accounting processes. Fintech makes accounting easier, affordable, and efficient, and secure for startups. By exploiting fintech opportunities in accounting, professional accountants can ditch traditional bookkeeping techniques and focus on digitized accounting systems. The fintech potential in accounting is expected to expand owing to recent innovations in this sector. 

6.Seamless Online Payments

online payment in fintech

Small businesses are no longer limited to accepting only certain types of payment. Organizations that manage to discover fintech opportunities and potential in online payments, can integrate electronic payment methods like PayPal and Bitcoin into their systems.  

7.Smart Personal Financial Management 

Fintech is opening up a myriad of personal banking opportunities where transactions are done via click, tap, or swipe. Investors in personal financial management can tap into fintech opportunities to utilize market tools that enable automated budgeting, financial planning, and management services. Fintech software and tools streamline personal financial management by tracking transactions, automating savings, and formulating budgets. By capitalizing on fintech potential in personal finance management, businesses are cashing in on fintech apps and web-based platforms to provide a new experience for consumers.  

8.Simplified and Automated Investments  

Just like banks, the market and exchange industry has undergone massive digitization. Today online trading has been made easy and accessible, thanks to fintech. Through robotics and machine learning, companies can enjoy unlimited fintech opportunities by combining smart algorithms and human touch. 

With fast and real-time market performance analytics, people can make positive investment decisions. 

9.Fast and Effective Fraud Detection Mechanisms  

Fintech is yet to experience widespread adoption; currently, experts in the industry are working on machine learning and AI technologies to curb cyberattacks. In the past, fraud detection was time-consuming as it involved a combination of people and software to make accurate detection. Today, with fintech, everything can be done in a few hours and precisely.  

The financial industry can utilize fintech opportunities and take advantage of machine learning and AI to improve fraud activity detection. With Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), fintech has the potential of creating an automated process for detecting fraud activities. As we continue to witness unprecedented developments in the finance industry, it is important to draw on fintech opportunities and potential by choosing an expert fintech provider. 


Therefore, if you want your small business to begin using fintech software for seamless financial management, Israel IT provides versatile and flexible fintech services.  It is time to give your business an edge by eyeing fintech opportunities that would make it easy, cheap, and convenient to manage financial transactions.  

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