Key Trends Defining the Fintech Opportunities in 2020

December 3, 2020
Key Trends Defining the Fintech Opportunities in 2020

Enterprises in the fintech industry make use of sophisticated computer and smartphone software and algorithms to aid firms, businesses and consumers in effectiveness of financial operations. Technological advancement and innovations in today’s world influence our everyday lives. Here are the most important key trends in 2020 and associated fintech opportunities and challenges. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is rising in the finance market. It has created various opportunities in the fintech industry such as automated and personalized customer service, fraud prevention and online banking.  

The financial industry can utilize fintech opportunities, and take advantage of ML and AI integration to detect and ward off fraud. With Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), fintech has the potential of creating an automated process for detecting fraud activities. Businesses can leverage this fintech opportunity to bolster the security of customer transactions.  

Machine learning is vital for accurate data analysis allowing organizations to automate the process of creating analytical reports. With a myriad of fintech opportunities that arise due to the use of AI and ML, businesses are eyeing integrating these technologies into their core business areas. Forward-looking organizations are closely monitoring fintech opportunities and challenges to enable them to strategize on AI and ML adoption. Artificial intelligence can remove fintech challenges that prevented smooth AI integration before.  

Mobile Banking  

mobile banking and fintech

You cannot mention fintech opportunities and challenges without talking about mobile banking. Fintech opportunities in mobile banking use of smart chips, biometric sensors, customer service chatbots, and online transactions. Smart chips enhance security by enabling the use of a one-time password per transaction. Biometric sensors eliminate errors in customer recognition by using fingerprint and eye recognition to authorize a customer. 

When talking about fintech opportunities and challenges, most fintech experts won’t miss fronting a discussion about cloud-based mobile banking and chatbots. Within the realm of fintech opportunities, we have customer chatbots that aid in handling customers’ questions. The popularity of chatbots is increasing across the banking industry as it reduces the cost of staffing and improves customer satisfaction.  

Personal Financial Management 

Fintech opportunities in PFM have made it possible to keep transaction records and aggregate information from various sources to generate an overview of financial status. Fintech has made PFM more efficient through cloud computing. This enables access to data remotely allowing you to view your expenses and earnings with ease.

Anyone can utilize these fintech opportunities, as you do not need to have learned business or finance to manage your cloud-based bank account. Fintech has enabled automated budgeting, financial planning and asset management. 

Blockchain Systems 

Blockchain interaction is providing a seamless way of handling fintech opportunities and challenges. Fintech companies can use features inherent to blockchain systems to transform how the financial economy works. Blockchain facilitates seamless aggregation of transactions but faces fintech industry challenges such as inadequate expertise and slow adoption.  

Support for SMBs 

Small and medium-sized businesses can eye on fintech opportunities to automate their accounting processes, fast-track online payments and expand their financial options. Fintech corporations are providing a slew of fintech opportunities for SMB financing. Small companies can now utilize offshore teams to get affordable and flexible smart financial solutions, thanks to fintech. When choosing an offshore team, keep in mind the management of offshore teams.

P2P Lending  

p2p fintech opportunities

As fintech companies entered the market, they were confronted with numerous fintech industry challenges such as pioneering crowdfunding platforms. The industry has upended these challenges to fintech opportunities by enabling peer-to-peer lending, which enables convenient and easy access to consumer and business credits. More growth is expected in this platform thanks to the creation of innovative financial platforms that promote crowdfunding. Peer-to-peer lenders need to be aware of fintech opportunities and challenges that can transform the P2P lending industry.  

Implementation of fintech smart solutions hasn’t been without setbacks. Fintech industry challenges include varying from one country to another. If your jurisdiction has stringent fintech regulations that make it difficult to take advantage of fintech opportunities, consider offshore fintech services.  

You can fix most of the fintech industry challenges by ensuring that your apps and internal processes are in line with the set rules. If you want to be atop your industry, you cannot choose any financial technology out there or subscribe to many fintech apps at once. You need to choose your affordable fintech partner like Israel IT that proffers offshore fintech software development services for all businesses.  

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