BioHacking ORB


  • Technology Platform: WordPress
  • Primary needs: Informational website with product list and ORB configurator
  • Key Features:
    • ORB configurator
    • Price quote request
    • App advertising.

About the client

Biohacking ORB was founded in early 2020 to create a completely new category of touchless, self-administered treatments and experiences centered around evidence-based modalities designed to enhance spirit/mood and improve body and mind performance. The patented ORB is a sexy, sleek and extremely comfortable sensory deprivation chamber controlled by an app from which personalized wellness biohacking journeys are chosen, based on the desired result.

The company’s founder and CEO, Abdul Nassani, is a successful wellness entrepreneur and innovator based in Dubai with clients that include high-end wellness and hospitality brands like Six Senses, Hilton, Fairmont and Sofitel.

Nassani put together a team of wellness experts to help create the Biohacking ORB’s unique platform and treatments with the goal of delivering easy-to-implement wellness hacks to enhance mood, brain performance, physical recovery and more in a matter of minutes instead of hours, weeks, days or years.


The customer’s main request was the team’s understanding of the product, what value it carries and how future users will be able to use it in general. Given the peculiarity and innovation of this product, it was necessary to create a concise, stylish, and clear design for the user to quickly achieve its goal.


The company offered several design areas and agreed on a single one with the client. This created a concise and clear design for the platform. A team of developers and designers worked on this project. The project manager and testers were also involved in the project. A total of 5 months was spent on the project.

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