• Technology platform: .Net, React, Angular
  • Primary needs: Innovative website, Interactive website/app, Product-Focused website, Engaging website
  • Key Features: Splash screen, Login/Registration, Face scan/diagnosis, Quiz, Dashboard (Scan results/statistics), My profile, App Settings, Dark/Light theme, Stories Feed, Shop, Games, Music, Challenges, Ability to invite friends though QR code and social links, Achievements + Rewards

About the Client

CANNABOTECH is a Pharmaceutical Startup that is developing Cannabinoid and Mushroom-Based medication and Healthcare Products. It is a Bio-Pharmaceutical Company that focuses on the prevention and treatment of cancer, inflammation, and pain based on botanical combinations of cannabis and medical mushrooms.

The commercial potential of the Cannabis Market and the demand for research-based and innovative products has given rise to Cannabotech, a Biotech Company that develops Cannabis and Mushroom-Based medicinal drugs and healthcare products, designed by a team of experts with an accumulated experience of over 100 years in the field. 55% of all medication sold globally, are addressed for Cancer, Inflammation & Chronic Pain.

Many pharmaceutical companies are trying to solve these problems – But it is not working.

Cannabotech is aiming to develop medical therapies for Cancer, Chronic Pain & Inflammation, using botanicals like Cannabis & Medicinal Mushrooms.

Cannabotech partners with Israel IT to use state-of-the-art technologies to collect patient’s Physical body parameters, Diagnose them via our Algorithms, and use the results for illness prevention & personal treatments.


The current site does not reflect how innovative the company is, so improvement is needed so that the buyer has a full understanding that the product is unique, as well as make the site interactive so that the user can easily find the information needed.

Cannabotech is planning to launch its product distribution and need a reliable and modern online solution

There is no mobile application to personalize the product selection according to particular needs and problems.


As Israel IT has more than 130 IT specialists from various fields of IT industry, the project will be implemented on time, with the signing of all agreements and arrangements.

Work is also underway on the site, which includes a presentation to agree on all the details with the customer: design, content, development, testing. Specialists who have many years of experience were involved for this purpose. 

An online store is also in progress to increase customer revenue. To perform this work, specialists who had previously developed online stores were involved to ensure the quality operation and meet the deadlines.

Israel IT is developing and supporting this project from start to finish. Some of the AWS services that will be utilized:

  • Amazon Route 53,
  • Amazon ELB,
  • Amazon ECS,
  • Amazon RDS,
  • Amazon S3 for storage,
  • Amazon EC2,
  • Amazon CloudFront.

In order to personalize the product selection according to specific needs and problems, work is underway to create an application for both Android and iOS platforms. Specialists who have previously created mobile applications and have relevant experience joined the development of the application.

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