• Users: ~10 000
  • Technology platform: .Net, React
  • Primary needs: Automated solution, Extendable system, Modern design (Look and Feel)

Develop a website and an automated solution to minimize the business owner’s involvement in the service provision process. Add flexibility to make the system extendable. Create a modern design.

  • Key Features: Strict automated matching, Jobs board, Secure chatting, Easy payments and variety of method, Detailed dashboard for the platform owner

About the Client

Established in 2016, Jeru-Sitters serves the citizens of Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) and tourists from over the world visiting Israel by selection reliable baby-sitters fit customers needs.

Jeru-Sitters provides en effective way to help everyone visiting Israel with children by offering them a one-stop babysitting shop. By hiring one of their English-speaking sitters families will have access to a babysitter who is highly recommended, has been personally interviewed, and is experienced and responsible.


The old system was developed by the team used a very standard architecture solution. The problem is a lot of manual interaction from the owner’s side.

Another issue is the architecture limits system extension. There was no flexibility to serve more customers.

The last point is the outdated design and absence of a smooth UX part.


It was decided to create a unique, powerful, and very reliable algorithm that does all the manual jobs automatically and fits business expectations. The concept of algorithm based on comparing parameters of family requirements and expectations matching babysitters profile information, experience, and skills. The solution fulfills families’ needs who are looking for senior caregivers or babysitters.

The modern technologies and valuable custom solutions that were implemented provided an ability to extend the system and grow the business.

Israel IT is developing and supporting this project from start to finish. Some of the AWS services that will be utilized:

  • Amazon S3 storage;
  • Amazon EC2.

The last stroke is a very professional, modern design that made the system wonderful.

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