• Users: ~500 000.
  • Technology platform: .Net, Angular, Kotlin, Swift, AWS
  • Primary needs: User-friendly, social-oriented app. Increasing the quality and stability of the current app. Add new features that will open initially planned opportunities.
  • Key Features: Scan QR, Tour packages, Join the ride(rides together) feature, Speed control feature, Parking feature, Lock scooter feature, Pre-pay feature,  Post-pay feature, Admin panel dashboard for controlling and managing scooters feature, rides feature, point of interests, price, tour packages.

About the Client

LeoRide provides a service of sharing electric vehicles that is the safest, fastest, most reliable and stylish way to get around the city. The main goal is to make life in a metropolitan easier, cleaner and safer by avoiding traffic, reducing pollution and using the most recent safety developments


The quality of the current app does not meet client expectations. The server part was also not quite stable and time by time went down. 

In addition based on the recommendation and positive feedback, they learned about Israel IT. Leo decided to extend their opportunity by developing new custom features like rides together, a charge per minute, tour packages.


To meet client expectation IsraelIT proposed and implemented new architecture prepared by our professional DevOps team. The new architecture guarantees the stability and more fast operation of the system using appropriate AWS services where it was reasonable.

After that, the business processes for new desired features were modeling and represented on the mockups by our qualified UX specialists.

An experienced development team defined the weak points of the app fixed bugs that were forcing poor quality and implemented new features. In the result, we provided outstanding stable product.  

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