• Users: ~100 000
  • Technologies: C#, .NET Core API,  EF Core, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Amazon SES, Docker, Angular 8
  • Primary needs: Web site from scratch, admin panel, very clear but powerful UX, personal accounts for landlords and renters
  • Key Features: FB/Google sign-in authentication, screening potential tenants, PDF certificate generator, cost simulator, online chat, secure payment solution, data snapshot

About the Client  

Homerun has succeeded in generating a niche solution for both landlords and potential renters by creating an online service that provides guarantees for house rentals.

Traditionally when trying to rent a house/apartment a landlord may require a guarantee either from the bank or have a benefactor sign on your behalf. Bank guarantees are quite expensive to produce while having a parent, colleague or friend fill in a guarantee on your behalf may result in a bit of risk as well as discomfort for both sides. On top of that, in the unfortunate event that a renter has neglected his diligence in the contract or has caused damages, the landlord will waste much effort and time in trying to gain back losses from the guarantees which are not otherwise the bank itself.

Homerun was designed to solve all these challenges by providing a risk-free guarantee platform to both landlords and renters. Homerun takes it upon itself to be the mediator and act as a guarantee while on the renters’ side a small subscription fee will save them the cost of bank guarantees and the discomfort of asking your parent or friend to sign on your behalf.


Homerun turned to Israel IT to help develop its user web interface and in turn scale up the business. It was very important to find a reliable and experienced partner that was ready to provide the service and support. One of the key issues was to choose the right cloud platform and payment provider for uninterrupted and fast operation.


First of all, to make sure only registered users can access the system, intelligent authorization through the phone based on the smart algorithm was developed. Plus added sign-in authentication via FB and Google.

Other important features such as screening potential tenants and a PDF certificate generator were created in the system. Screening is used for scraping the appropriate information to define tenants’ credit level and a PDF certificate stands as a risk-free guarantee to both landlords and renters. Israel IT configured a service launched on Docker for dynamic generation of PDF certificates. To have a valid certificate the data snapshot implemented to generate a certificate according to up-to-date renters information.

A big part of the complex solution takes place in an Official Israeli Government Portal for getting real identification of all cities and streets in Israel that is integrated on the site.

Personal accounts for landlords and renters were implemented as an additional useful part. In the account, landlords have the ability to create a withdrawal request or check whether the appropriate renter got the certificate or not.

Having a great experience and partnership with AWS, Israel IT launched and configured the project on the AWS platform to be confident in the secure, fast, and proper operation of the system. To protect the media data that contains private information our professional team decided to store it on a secure Amazon S3 bucket.

In addition, staying in cooperation with the biggest and leading banks the right payment solution was implemented. 

A very simple and clear but intuitive user-friendly design made the site easy to use. 

Finally, there is an admin panel for an administrator to manage users,  certificates, and all other stuff in the system.

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