Levent Case Study by Israel IT


  • Technology Platform: .Net, Angular, Kafka, AWS
  • Primary needs: Innovate next-generation smart trading platform from scratch
  • Key Features: Real-time strategy evaluation engine with a user interface for trading strategy creation and big data processing

About the Client

Levent is a smart trading startup that is developing smart trading solutions both on-premise and SAAS for brokers and banks.

The huge trading experience of the founders allows a startup to find its niche in a big trading world, closing the gap between professional traders and typical bank customers. It’s a highly competitive market, but big technical knowledge, high load system design experience allows the company to create an innovative approach to how trading is done.

Levent is aiming to continue expanding its partners’ network to allow more people to succeed in the trading field.

Levent partners with Israel IT as its founding ground for the development of the technical solution as well as to reach out to the expertise in system design and project management.


Millions of independent traders have no access to an automated platform to execute their investment strategies. There is no ready solution to allow traders to easily develop the strategy without any coding ability. The platforms that are currently on the market are either oversimplified and do not cover the needs of experienced traders, or they are over-complicated for any beginner to dare to trade. 

Despite its rich system functionality, Levent suffered from a long and overall complicated integration process with the partners’ systems. 

Scalability issues in the original architecture was another challenge that could have resulted in the system’s difficulties to serve a constantly growing user base.


Levent is now able to offer its clients a smooth and simple few steps integration process. The solution is a win-win situation for both banks/brokers who seek to attract new customers and to retain the old ones by offering them premium trading capabilities as well as for customers who would like to start or continue trading on a stock market. 

The project focuses on leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring the customer’s trading experience to a whole new level.  Thanks to a custom made parallel processing algorithm, the solution is now capable to run millions of strategies at a time. The service is not only redundant but scalable as well. It is developed to support a large number of orders that are associated with a wide array of different strategies.

Levent provides both an on-premise self-hosted solution (with the supervision of our infrastructure team to set up everything with best practice) and a cloud-based SaaS solution.

The solution is already in production in one of the biggest Israeli Banks and continues actively to expand its partnership network to the biggest players in the field – banks and brokers from around the world.

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