Personal Epidemiologic Diary (Magen David Adom -MDA)

Healthcare app case study - MDA


  • Technology Platform: .Net, React, Swift, Kotlin
  • Primary needs: Interactive native mobile application
  • Key Features: 
    • Map Geo-location tracking
    • Permanent places timer tracker
    • Authorization: contact + whats app sync
    • Home dashboard: Status Logs
    • Create Alert: Verified COVID
    • Symptoms development
    • Advise list how to protect yourself
    • Visit history (permanent places)
    • Notification, Share app
    • Support&Feedback

About the Client  

The Magen David Adom is Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service. The name means “Red Shield of David”.

Since June 2006, Magen David Adom has been officially recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as the national AID society of the State of Israel under the Geneva Conventions, and a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

MDA has a medical emergency phone number in Israel, 101 accordingly. MDA can become an auxiliary arm of the Israel Defense Forces during times of war.

Although MDA currently staffs approximately 2,000 emergency medical technicians, paramedics and emergency physicians, it still relies heavily on over 15,000 volunteers who serve in both operational and administrative capacities.

MDA headquarters and its blood bank are located at the Tel HaShomer complex in the center of the country. The organization operates 119 stations over the country, with a fleet of over 1000 ambulances nationwide. Among them are mobile intensive care units (MICU), special ambulances equipped for mass casualty events, and armored ambulances.


The current world pandemic of COVID-19 is running through each country. As it turned out, there are no analogs of a special medical application to help ordinary people in the fight against –°OVID-19. In this regard, managers faced the problem of creating such an application from scratch, painstaking work to identify the really necessary features that will be useful to ordinary users.

Also, this application needs to be created in a short time, because people need help here and now. Another problem was the involvement of experts (doctors) who know what help is needed by those who are ill, as well as how to explain complex medical terms in simple words. So, thanks to the involvement of experts, choosing the right features and speed, we started working directly on the application.


As Israel IT has more than 160 IT specialists from various fields of the IT industry, the project will be implemented on time, with the signing of all agreements and arrangements.

The simple way to stop spreading the illness is to notify everyone about the possible risk of being in touch or the direct involvement of sick people or in being in crowded places. The way our client suggests is a simple geo-tracking feature between users with a 15-minute timer notifying them about the possible risk of being close to another person. Also, the client suggests giving the possibility to track and notify other users in case someone has verified COVID-19 or symptom development to create an alert and send it to everyone who was in touch with this user last time.

Israel IT is developing and supporting this project from start to finish. Some of the AWS services that will be utilized:

  • Amazon S3 and EBS for storage,
  • Amazon RDS,
  • Amazon ELB,
  • Amazon Cloudfront.

In order to personalize the user selection according to specific needs and problems, work is underway to create an application for both Android and iOS platforms. Specialists who have previously created mobile applications and have relevant experience joined the development of the application. So Israel IT is creating the app with all the described above features. We suggested making the app using .Net, React, Swift and Kotlin technology platforms.

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