Vibo DJ


  • Users: 1000-2000 daily active users.
  • Technology platform: React web, Native iOS and Android.
  • Primary needs: Basically to build the website and app from scratch. (the existing app is in Ionic Phonegap, launched in 2016).
  • Key Features: Song and timeline planning app for DJs and their clients.

About the Client

Established in 2014, Vibo serves DJs and their clients with an easy way to plan events together. 

Users basically receive the app from their DJ in order to plan their special event. Once invited to their event they can add songs suggestions, comments, notes, answer questions, and invite friends to collaborate in order to plan their special event. 

Once the DJ has received the information from the users, the prep work becomes more efficient: The DJ can then print the timeline and automatically build playlists to his/her DJ software or to streaming services, making the preparation for events more efficient and boosting client satisfaction along the way.


The old system was developed by technology that is dated. The design and development had to be remade from scratch taking into consideration all the feedback that was received from clients and users in the past 4 years. 


Vibo teamed up with Israel IT in order to redesign and rebuild the whole product. The team is an integral part of the company, working as a branch alongside the Israel team and US team.

We have decided to use native technologies for the mobile application and are working in the “sprints” methodology. We hold team meetings daily online and since the world is in lockdown, all the work is currently being done remotely. 

The long-anticipated and beautiful all-new Vibo 2.0 is scheduled to launch in the near future after a lot of hard work put in by all team members! Once it’s released we plan to keep innovating, adding and improving in order to keep adding more value to our clients and users! Launching will be just the beginning, and we couldn’t be happier doing it with our existing team.



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