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Levent is a SaaS solution provider to the financial services industry

Business solutions provider

We provide development solutions from A to Z.
We specialize in speed to market when it comes to deployment of various fintech products.
The development team is very experienced in the field and is currently working with one of the largest banks in Israel


Cloud-based solution

We aim to provide cloud-based easy-to-use solutions for banks and brokers

Zero coding required

Traders can create easy investment strategies without any coding

Fully functional

website & mobile app. Modular website and mobile app for retail investors

Automated strategies

Simple “set and go” trade strategies that are accessible anywhere and anytime

White-label tool

Certified by a Central Bank for banks and brokers to integrate into their platform

Manage E-Wallet

Deposit, send & receive money, and many more.


We believe that scale is crucial for capital markets sell-side firms in flow businesses.

We think trading as a service can make benefits more widely available, with opportunities for players like banks, full-service brokers, asset managers, and other market participants.
Currently, our solutions are integrated with several banks and we are looking to expand our client base.

Please reach out to us for any partnership and collaboration ideas
A platform to Learn, Practice, Trade, and Invest

Trading Tool

Our core focus is to empower the financial institutions by offering their retail traders and investors:

At Levent, we understand the importance of advanced charting and analysis tools in making successful trades. That’s why we offer a seamless integration of TradingView Stock Screener which offers state-of-the-art charting tools that allow market enthusiasts to engage, analyze data, and prepare for BTCUSD trading and other assets.

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