Conflict Situations in IT Recruitment: How to Cope With It?

April 25, 2020

One of the biggest challenges facing IT recruiters is the management of several, sometimes countless, relationships concurrently. For such recruiters, a client-candidate conundrum is commonplace, requiring them to balance candidates’ and clients’ needs in the most efficient way possible.

  • How to deal with conflict situations?

While filling various positions in the organization, HR managers have to keep the entire organization and its components in mind. Whenever a conflict situation or conflicts between employees arises, they have to mediate issues efficiently and work out a solution that keeps everyone happy. Here are a few strategic and creative ways to cope with a conflict situation in the workplace:

  • Get to the source of the conflict

The first step in conflict resolution is to know what exactly is causing the conflict. Is it because of the employee’s behavior or is it because of an unreasonable demand from the client. They have to sit with the conflicting parties with an open mind and hear their versions. It’s important for employers to sympathize with each and take their inputs. The key is to understand the underlying emotions that are causing the conflicts between employees and address them before the situation culminates into something uglier.

  • Clarify important policies

In case a conflict situation arises, employers may have to refer to their company policies. This is where open communication between parties becomes extremely important. Employers have to make certain company policies clear much in advance so that conflicts are prevented. But if a dispute arises, employers should encourage everyone involved to express their views fully. Basis of this information, they have to act decisively and uphold the trust of employees in the HR’s capability to resolve conflicts.

  • Get everyone in the loop

Conflict resolution may seem like the job of the employer or HR manager, but its’a responsibility of everyone in the organization. Employers and HR should encourage all parties involved to come up with their solutions. They have to come up with an interest-based approach to reconcile, and this is possible only when they talk separately and understand their needs. Nothing would be better than allowing employees to come up with the solutions that keep them happy.

  • Uphold respect and genuineness

Last but certainly not the least, employers and HR managers should show that they genuinely care for employees. They need to stop thinking about their responses and keep the needs and perspectives of conflicting parties in the forefront. At the same time, it’s essential for company professionals to be respectful towards each other while resolving conflicts between employees in the workplace. They have to deliver the message appropriately without hurting anyone’s sentiments. The message does not change, but the outcome certainly does when one is respectful.

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