How to Build a Startup

August 20, 2020
How to build the startup

Do you already have an idea to build a startup and you want to launch it as soon as possible? Here is a startup guide you need to know.

Only 2 in 10 startups are profitable, and other startups will either break even (1 in 3) or continue to lose money (1 in 3). In order to launch a startup successfully, you need to identify your needs and find a team that will meet those needs.

What you Need to Build a Startup

What Do You Need to Build a Startup

    Talents with strong skills

Your team should include people who have strong skills, are worth hiring, and can perform technical tasks.

    Experienced Talents

A startup has no right to make a mistake; otherwise, it will simply fail, so your team should have people with previous experience.

    Less Cost

Startups have a limited budget, so every penny counts. Your job as a startup founder is to optimize startup costs.

    Work Pace

The sooner you launch a startup, the sooner it will start to make a profit and you will be able to bypass the competitors, so the speed of tasks is very important.

    The Success of the Startup

Many startup founders doubt whether it will be successful. In order to be sure of the success of a startup, you need to know the opinion of experienced people who have previously dealt with launching startups.

Usually, the main resources for startups are time and money, so it will not be superfluous to optimize them. We recommend that you pay attention to the offshore software development teams to minimize your expenses on an initial uncertain stage.

5 Reasons an Offshore Team is a Good Solution. Startup Guide 

Offshore Team for the Startup

    Specialists with Technical Skills

In offshore software development teams work only hard-skilled specialists, candidates are interviewed several times to determine their level of qualification.

    Experience is the Basis of Success

In order to be highly qualified, you must have previous experience. That is why offshore companies hire professionals who have launched startups and involve them in their projects.

    Less Cost

The question of money is perhaps the first thing in building a startup. Startups always have a limited budget, so you need to optimize costs wherever possible. As a rule, the main expenses are for hiring specialists, especially now, in the period of COVID19, taxes, office rent, and maintenance. If you hire an offshore team to build a startup, you only need to pay them a salary. That is, you will save on office rent and maintenance as well as taxes. For example, the Ukrainian IT market is a leader in the provision of offshore services and provides savings of 50-60% compared to salaries in the US or Western Europe.

    Work Pace

The sooner your product is ready, the sooner you will start earning money from it, and because offshore companies work on their reputation, they always meet the agreed deadlines when building a startup. If you need to complete tasks in a very short time, the offshore company will always meet you halfway and hire more specialists.

    Side View

Offshore companies often work with startups and can help you not only with technical tasks but also with the concept that will guarantee the success of launching the startups.

Conclusion to Build a Startup

Only you can choose the ideal option for your startup, but the advantages of offshore teams are obvious. Choose a team with highly qualified specialists who will be able to perform tasks on time as well as optimize funds, and then the success of building the startup is guaranteed!

Israel IT is a perfect combination of highly qualified specialists and experience working with startups. We have been providing IT services for 5 years, and during this time we have assembled one of the best offshore teams in Ukraine with 150 specialists. We guarantee full transparency to our clients. You pay only for the work actually done, and all details are always agreed with the client. If you are interested in cooperating with Israel IT, find out more details about us.

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