Offshore Recruitment in the Age of Covid19

May 2, 2020

If we had a dollar every time someone told us that #Covid19 will change our industries and work environments forever, then we would have been much more relaxed during these challenging times. But truth be told, the Corona pandemic is affecting the way managers and companies think and react to remote team management and team’s physical locations – there is no way around it these days!

And as such the shift towards outsourced solutions, specifically in the Ukrainian market, is not only becoming a viable option but a crucial one in light of the uncertain times. The Ukrainian offshore market has its clear efficiencies with the first one being – cost reduction in times of uncertainty, yet when companies have projects and growth plans in the pipeline, being able to hire remotely is an excellent solution- top talent at substantially lower costs can not only help rehabilitate businesses in the short term but also see their growth in the long run.

Challenges and Dangers to be Avoided

Companies who are searching hire development talent offshore, need to complete their due diligence in advance and be aware of the challenges and hidden downfalls that can obscure their way to success in the Ukrainian IT market.  The Ukrainian market has been one of the prominent leading offshore markets for SW developers and RD centers, up to date there are over 1600 IT service companies and growing. The potential is huge but it also holds its downfalls, which with proper research can easily be avoided.

Don’t Be Blinded by the Numbers

When researching a new market, it is crucial to know the updated remuneration ranges, not only in each experience level but also variations between locations. It is true that the offshore salaries should be lower than those of the US or UK markets, but don’t be blinded by prices that seem too low to be true. If you get approached by a SW development agency quoting you general prices without providing a breakdown be sure that you are most probably paying mostly for their fee. Also be cautious, if you get quoted dreamy price ranges for senior developers you may be paying for a junior team instead, or for tweaked CVs (all based on true stories) so make sure to know the market worth before moving forward.

Transparency is Key to Success

Make sure all the cards are on the table, ask difficult questions and receive direct answers. Be sure you are involved in the recruitment process from A to Z – allow the agency to handle logistics but make sure you are in the loop from the get-go. Remember these are your future employees so you should be the one interviewing them, confirming their salaries directly, while in parallel understanding the agency fee and what it entails.

The Human Factor

A common misconception that may have been wrongfully inherited, is that the offshore market presents short term opportunities by talents who are only seeking to make a quick buck and then move on to the next project. This is largely thanks to massive recruitment agencies who have created “sweatshop model” development centers. This kind of thinking process should be immediately chucked out the window! If you are looking to hire your dedicated team offshore you should be looking to find a team that is loyal to you and your brand. Make sure to choose an agency that helps put emphasis on the human factor of the hiring process- from recruitment to personal and professional development to Happy Hours and general events. You want your developers to be treated as equal employees of your company, it doesn’t matter if they are situated in your local office or offshore – they are your team!

Last But Not Least – Partnership

If there is one key giveaway you should take from this article it is this- The agency you choose to work with is not just there to handle logistics and bureaucracies in an uncharted market. The agency you choose to work with is in fact an extension of your HR department. They are more than just an offshore recruitment agency, they are and should be like a partner to you, equally invested in your projects and your success. These are the people that would be able to ensure a successful match, team integration, employee loyalty and essentially product success. So make sure you review your offshore recruitment agency as a partner and not just as a service provider.

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