How to skyrocket customer support via technology

December 7, 2021
customer support

The cornerstone of any business in the world is communication with customers. You can have a huge company with lots of workers, but what’s the point if there are no clients? It is the same as a school without students. As a business owner, you have to understand the importance of having a professional customer support team providing outstanding service and building a long-term relationship with each client. The quality of communication with customers determines the future of your business. Here you’ll find out how and what technology can drastically skyrocket customer support at your company.

– Understanding

We shall start with this one because no matter what technology you use, or will use after reading the article, understanding your clients is above everything. You need to take care of each customer and make sure they are completely satisfied. Make sure you don’t just give a long copy-paste response because they probably won’t even read the whole thing. Plan and create a strategy so that you can come up with a real solution for your customers in ANY situation.

– Help Desk software solutions

Speaking about technology…if you want to make customer service innovative and accommodating, you should invest your time and money in such convenient services as help desk software. It provides the tools and information about customers, so your staff members can systematically manage support requests and deliver personalized responses to each individual using the most comfortable platform for communication with them. These are 3 of the most popular:

  1. Zendesk
  2. Happy Fox
  3. Help Scout

– Live chats

 When people report an issue, they don’t want to wait long for the response. They want assistance “here and now”. To turn simple interactions into relationships and get higher customer satisfaction, you should add a live chat widget to your website. It has been proven that customers prefer this option over any other. They LOVE it. Yes, it can be difficult to be there for everyone and everywhere 24/7, but it is one of the best and low-cost solutions for the business. There are many software systems, such as Chatra, LiveAgent, LiveChatinc. These technology solutions will help you do the impossible and support clients even on the way. 

– Chatbots

Live chat is a cool thing, but you know what’s even cooler? That’s right – Chatbots! The customer service team can get an overwhelming number of requests and it is quite challenging to respond to each person as fast as expected. But can you imagine that a computer program can have a real conversation with your customers and do the work for you?  A chatbot is like a self-service platform on your website where people can find a self-resolution to their minor requests without having to wait in a queue. It will save you time and money. One of the million advantages of a chatbot is that it can process a massive number of requests at the same time, which is impossible for the person. It is the supreme tool for customer assistance and a perfect way to ensure that the expected response has been delivered immediately. 

– Social Media

Yeah, it’s that simple. Recently, social media became one of the best ways to reflect a positive company image, attract and retain customers. It is easy to use and comfortable for both sides, the customers and the support team. People can send direct messages, comments, feedback, posts with your company’s tag, etc. Before responding, the social media support team can check out the profile of the customer and analyze his personality to deliver the most suitable response. A satisfied customer might tell other people about his experience and it can reach hundreds of people online. So using social media and, in general, having an outstanding customer support service can win you new “fans”

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