What is the Best Data Security Technologies to Avert Cyber Threats

February 8, 2021
Best Data Security

Information technology has become part of us, but it has also led to threats. Breach of data security technologies has become an issue. More and more businesses like Yahoo reporting massive data breaches. One report shows that millions of data breaches occur every year.

Data breaches aren’t rare phenomena. Therefore, the development of data security technologies is indispensable in shielding personal and company details from cyberattacks. 

Here is a List of Data Security Technologies

You cannot mention the best data security technologies without describing data encryption. This method of guarding data involves the use of algorithms to mask data using unique codes. To gain access to the data, a user has to key in the correct codes and other verification details.

Since encrypted content is in a cipher form, only personnel with the codes can decipher the content. With these types of data security technologies, people can securely share data across networks. Both the receiver and the sender must know the codes for them to access files.

Data Encryption Techniques

Data encryption is one of the best data security technologies as it shields confidential data stored in computers, drives, or the cloud. It also secures useful info transmitted through the internet.  Encryption also applies to networks allowing only authorized users to access certain networks.

The two popular encryption data security technologies are the symmetric and asymmetric techniques. Symmetric encryption uses one key to encrypt and decrypt the data. While the asymmetric technique uses the public key to encrypt the data and a private key to decrypt documents.

You can achieve encryption and decryption through either of the algorithms below:

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – most common encryption method for data in storage and transit
  • Triple Data Encryption Standard (TripleDES) – mostly used for encrypting ATM PINs and UNIX passwords
  • Twofish – ciphers data blocks of 128 bits
  • Blowfish – ciphers data blocks of 64 bits
  • Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) – mostly used for digital signatures

Thus far, the above algorithms represent the best data security technologies that foster privacy and prevent hacking. Sometimes, you might need encrypting services for regulation purposes to meet the stipulated requirements and standards.

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Today’s data security technologies use behavioral analysis to identify behavior patterns in a system and determine possible threats. When hackers gain access to user authentication information, they can undertake numerous kinds of malicious activities. User behavior analytics helps in detecting anomalies and logging out attackers before causing severe damage.

Online payment systems use user behavior analytics to examine, track, and detect atypical spending or withdrawals. It allows the system to stop transactions until the real user verifies personal information.  The best data security technologies use these behavior analytics to minimize the extent of harm criminals can cause once they gain access to user login details.

With user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), IT safety experts can track users across various platforms rather than monitoring the device itself.  As such, it collects as much information about the user as possible allowing it to shut down any suspicious activities in the user’s accounts.  Security tools and devices using UEBA data security technologies fend off hackers from utilizing the authentication information they hold.

Deceptive Techniques

Deceptive network data security technologies work by confusing hackers attempting to invade your business and consequently send an alert signal to your security team. Security experts achieve this by creating replicas of a site and enforce weak security measures allowing potential hackers to access. 

The reason why deceptive technology is one of the best data security technologies is that it produces traps that resemble real data sets. This false information and virtual data are what the hacker will try to access and the process gets ensnared.

With this technology, you can evaluate hackers’ behavior and know their operations and in the long run, use that material to upgrade your defense systems. You should consider using this data security technology as it reduces false positive alarms and can automatically detect legit threats.

The introduction of deceptive technology combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence, your firms’ data security will not be hard to crack. Attack underway, data leakage, and threats are quickly identified.

Multi-Factor Authentication Techniques         

MFA data security technologies demand users to provide two or more authentication details from different categories before gaining access to information. Two-factor authentication is a type of MFA that supports a zero-trust data security policy. Users are given a specific amount of information to accomplish a task.

The most commonly used factors are:

  • Knowledge, example password
  • Possession example badges, smartcards, and USB
  • Inheritance example fingerprint, facial, voice and retina recognition
  • Location and time factor

You may have used MFA in situations such as swiping your ATM card and keying in the password in a website. It requires you to provide a password and later a code sent through email or SMS. Best data security technologies should provide additional safety by adding an extra layer of fortification to prevent the loss of critical material to unauthorized third parties.

Content Access Policies

To implement the best security technologies in any institution, you need to regulate the amount of information one can get at a stipulated time and who can access the information. Create data access policies to limit the number of people and amount of information available at a given time.

Data security technologies classify content into different classes and determine who can access the information. It ensures that users use the data for what it is intended thus promoting privacy

For best data security technologies, you need to use access control systems such as discretional, mandatory, and role-based access control systems. To do this, you can leverage cybersecurity services from trusted developers and IT security analysts.

How to Secure Data Like a Pro

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